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She Leads For Legacy exists to work cross-sector with Black Female Professionals to increase gender and racial equality in work and business. Our ambition is to build a community of purpose- driven, ambitious Black Female Leaders who are increasingly visible at senior levels of leadership.


We work with both Black women and Allies to advance the representation black women at senior leadership level and create corporate working environments that are both diverse and inclusive.

Our Work

We offer bespoke support for your Black female colleagues and students, to ensure they have the necessary tools and strategies to thrive in senior leadership and board level positions.

For more information on how to partner with us, click the link below.

Let's Make A Change

Join us if you are:

Join us

Black Female Professional

A black woman in work from graduate roles to senior leadership positions.


An individual passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in their spheres of influence.


1. An organisation looking to better support black female colleagues, customers and staff

2. Recruiters looking to provide their clients with a more diverse shortlist for interviews

3. Public and private sector organisations looking to improve diversity at management and board level

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