Woman in the Spotlight

November Newsletter

Kamala Harris

This month the world witnessed a seminal moment in the history of the USA. The election of a Black and South Asian woman to the second most-powerful position in the American government, the office of Vice President. Kamala Harris is the first female and first non-white appointee to the office of Vice President. Whatever our political persuasion we can all acknowledge and appreciate the significance of this moment which has had a ripple effect around the world.


Of course, President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris have an uphill task ahead of them as they work to bring healing and restoration to their nation. The road toward building bridges and reconciling of factions will be long and arduous. But, for the moment, we can take a pause just to celebrate what the election represents for so many women, particularly Black women around the world.


This moment sends a powerful message of progress and possibility. Kamala Harris represents that which is possible for each of us. At a time where women continue to be underrepresented at decision making tables and continue to be invisible where policies, systems and practices are being designed, Kamala depicts a turning point. She is a signal towards a new and inclusive future for all.


The importance and power of representation cannot be overstated. Quite simply, seeing others who look like us walking through the hallowed halls of power, paves the way in our own minds that we too can break through the glass ceilings that might exist in our contexts. In other words, we become what we can see.


Our Woman in the Spotlight is Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. An inspirational Black Female Leader who stands as beacon of hope to many.