Woman in the Spotlight

December Newsletter

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This month we are celebrating the achievements of Dion Johnson. Also known as the Womanologist, Dion is an ex-midwife and former Director in public services, where she pioneered, co-ordinated and led special services serving highly vulnerable and marginalised client groups.

At our ‘Step Up and Play Bigger’ event on 7 December, Dion spoke powerfully about the importance of being our authentic selves, and righting the wrongs we see in our world. She implored us to heal our hearts, handle our head and develop our hook to strengthen our ability to influence those in our network.


Dion is a multi-award-winning women's champion with the empowerment of women at the heart of her work. She works behind the global leadership scenes as Master Coach, Strategic Ally and trusted advisor to some of the most influential women across different sectors and industries. She is challenging and changing the inner narrative about what it means to be a credible influencer in today’s fast changing work space. Her clients are Chief Executives, Directors and Heads across sectors because when these women truly thrive (not just act like they are thriving) so do boards, organisations, industries and ultimately our world.

Born with a pronounced facial disfigurement, Dion’s story of ‘unmasking’ is a powerful metaphor that is now captivating and inspiring female leaders across the globe to authentically “Show Up, Speak Up and Shake Things the hell Up” within their spheres of influence. Dion is uniquely skilled to help women rise above professional challenges and #BeMoreInfluential in their roles.

Her new book  ‘Influential Woman: A Fresh Approach to Tackling Inequality and Leading Change at Work’  continues to receive positive reviews from readers around the globe.