Encouragement of the Month

November Newsletter

Don’t Wait- Create!


We’re experiencing unprecedented levels of challenge and change in life and work. The pace of change can really feel overwhelming right? We can feel as though we’re out control and at the will of the winds of change. It’s in these times that we can be tempted to surrender, throw our hands in the air and declare ‘Que Sera Sera!’ BUT, if ever there were a time when we needed to grab hold of the reins of our career and our future, it’s now. It’s on us to decide what we want for our future and then step toward it.


I’ve found that one of the best antidotes to overwhelm is to distinguish between what I can and can’t control and then take control of what’s within my power. We can’t control COVID-19, we can’t control economy, but we CAN control how we respond. We can choose to ask for help when we need it. We can choose to set goals and a hold a vision for our future. We can choose to make a plan and take one step toward it each day.


So, Legacy Leader, don’t wait - CREATE the opportunity you need to get ahead and stay ahead in your career.